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Everyone knows Facebook, a social network with more than 2,000 million active users. Users can create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages. This includes automatic notifications when their profile is updated. In addition, users can join common interest groups organized by workplace, school, college or other characteristics.


You can also create Facebook pages for your online activity to update your customers on upcoming events or versions of your product or service. Here is the list of the 10 advantages of using Facebook pages:


Facebook is simply their biggest social network. This number is increasing daily by more than 2,000 million users. As such, most of the people who use the Internet are on Facebook. If you operate in a developed country like the United States, the majority of the population living in the country will be on Facebook. It is as such the largest online community.

Facebook is also slowly used as email. Even more with the introduction of Facebook Messaging. It is used as a form of communication. You can use your page to communicate with your audience.


Facebook pages can be used as customer support for your business, products and services.


Facebook pages are also a good source of comments on your product or service. Comments can also be discussed on the page itself.

The more “fans” your pages have, the more popular your product will be, and the more the number will increase, as fans refer and others join Facebook fan pages.


Post on search engines. Facebook.com has a very high PR and it is likely that your page will be more visible on Google. Also, if you have a website, it's a good source of backlinks

Facebook Social Plugins. There are a number of plugins that add Facebook functionality to your website. Users can comment directly via a Facebook comment area, share items via a Like area or even have a real-time view of your page and like it.


The greater the number of users, the more your Facebook page will experience viral growth.

Communicate like an email. Everyone who likes your page is automatically added to your page and you can easily communicate with all members. Let them be 100,000 from Facebook in an even simpler way than email and to which they pay attention.


Generate traffic to your websites from your Facebook pages!


Have you ever thought of using Facebook to find leads for your products or websites? Have you tried to generate leads and failed? If you've never used Facebook to generate leads, you'd better do it. If you've tried your luck and failed, don't worry, you've come to the right place.


Facebook has taken the social media marketing platform with a storm. Indeed, it has attracted many users and has become a powerful marketing tool. Kudos to Facebook for that. Many companies are enjoying the benefits of using Facebook and so can you. If you already have a fan page, here are some tips.


1. The first obvious action is to share links on the wall of your Facebook fan page. Give your fans a chance to convert to leads and you will get them.

2. Try sharing links that direct users to a landing page with a form that contains downloadable content, such as a webinar or e-book.

3. You are free to share links from your blog, but make sure the posts are calls to action to a landing page containing a conversion form.

4. Include call to action (CTA) buttons and text. Facebook has removed them from the main profile of your page, but still allows you to customize the tabs using iFrames. CTA buttons should indicate landing pages with form and downloadable content.

5. Always strive to increase the number of your fans. Having many fans increases your chances of reaching a wider audience.
6. Help online users easily find and like your Facebook page. You can do this by adding a follow me or fan page like button to your web pages.

7. Print your Facebook URL on your business cards, flyers, posters and all branded materials to increase your chances of meeting new fans.

8. Integrate your Facebook page with other social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. This will increase the chances of directing users to your fan page.

9. Create and share content that can easily go viral on social media. This will increase your presence and your chances of increasing your tastes for free. Memes are a great tool for this.

10. The search engine optimizes your fan page by sharing the URL on various online platforms. This will make it visible on search engines and send new visitors to your fan page.

11. Create an application that presents visitors to your fan page with a free download form as soon as they like it, instead of going to your website.

12. Join groups related to your niche on Facebook and participate in their discussions and activities.

13. Share your links to your fan page as well as group landing pages. These will increase your visibility and can be converted into leads.

Using Facebook for marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote businesses. With millions of people accessing this social media site daily, the market for potential buyers is virtually limitless. If you don't reach this large audience, know that your competitors are and that they are causing you to lose sales. I don't need to try to convince you that Facebook is essential for branding a business in the Web 2.0 we live in, so I'll explain how using Facebook for marketing purposes will improve significantly your results. Facebook for Business 101 - The How To: The first thing to do is create a professional profile for your business page. This means including as much contact information as you want to give, your website URL, your logo and a description of the business that clearly explains what you do and how your customers benefit from it. The next step is to develop a status update strategy. Each update should be interesting and grab the reader's attention. The goal is to give your fans a reason to interact with these status updates. Social media marketing is about branding and interactions with potential and current customers. You want them to positively retain your brand when they are in the market for the products or services you offer. One last piece of advice on this - stick to a basic recommendation of 3 to 4 updates per week. It's not too many updates to upset your fans, or that they'll never remember your brand. The final step is to make sure you respond to all comments on your page and in your status updates. Always respond with positive comments and delete negative comments or spam. Facebook for Business 101 - The Don'ts: It goes without saying that an unprofessional profile will scare consumers off your page. Most of the companies that I "like" are the ones that offer something valuable to me. It can be a service that can help me run a business or rock group that I enjoy. Avoid being a company that uses Facebook for marketing purposes without passing on to people what you are selling and what they will get from it. The most important thing is not to get carried away with your status updates. We are all irritated by the friends on our personal Facebook page who keep us up to date with everything they do. You don't have to update your fans every five minutes to get the word out. One last thing: avoid annoying sales pitches in all of your status updates. Social media marketing was not created, and no one likes to read it.

Improve your business relationships and exercise good judgment by making the best marketing tool ever used on the market. Configure your Facebook.com fan page for your Internet marketing and let it hit a new market and reach a group of consumers never won before. Having a Facebook fan page is good for big business, entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and other business professionals who want to soak up social media and acquire a thriving audience business and sales growth. There are many reasons why Facebook fanpage can offer in your business an ability to divert the attractiveness of professionals to make it one. In addition, there are two things to take into account when creating your Facebook fanpage. First, prepare a plan in the preparation of your fanpage profile. One of the critical elements when developing a plan is to define your goals and define your business goals to achieve them. It is an important process for thinking about a perfect future and for motivating yourself to turn it into reality. Another thing is uniqueness. Let your consumer see that your business is unique compared to another competitor. Share business information, such as your products, services, and other related information, accordingly in your fan page by posting ratings, photos, and in particular customer testimonials about their experience of your business, for others to see. from Facebook. Here are the top five benefits that a Facebook fanpage can offer you. Unlimited Fans - There is an unlimited number of fans that you can include on your fanpage. Facebook users can become fans without having to approve them. Thanks to this, you can save time and facilitate the growth of your fans. Interactive community - You can create a community and daily interactions with your fans. This gives you the means to interact and get feedback from your daily interactions with your consumers or customers. You can directly see the thoughts and opinions of your fans through a comment. Fans can be instantly informed of events, new products and special offers with statuses that can be read directly in their news feed. Using the tools provided by Facebook, you can create a brand representative and promote products or events. The Facebook page information analysis tool provides you with relevant information about your fans and their interactions. In addition, there is unlimited video and photo sharing.

Public Exposure - Facebook fan pages are public. Anyone can see it in the search engines and can increase your exposure potential. So it's a boost for SEO. Connectivity - Linking is not a difficulty. From your Facebook page, you can link it directly to your website or vice versa. You can also create a fan box on your website where visitors can immediately become a fan. It's completely FREE: sign up on the Facebook fanpage and get started with it for free. The Facebook fan page is a great way to connect your business with others. It is also about entering potential customers that you have never met before. Updating your fan page daily can create formality, control and relevance for your business.


Let's face it ... we live in a world of social networking right now. It is very likely that you, your employees and close family members already use Facebook to find your old friends or stay up to date with news from the neighborhood or your favorite groups and companies. If you don't use a Facebook fan page for your business either, it's quick and free to manage, so what are you waiting for ?! Creating Facebook profiles and fan pages and updating them regularly are valuable tools for promoting your business and for branding. If you have a little room in your advertising budget, it is also highly recommended to go even further and use Facebook ads in conjunction with your fan page. They can be extremely beneficial for all types of businesses, large or small, local or global, and are often less expensive than the other types of paid advertising currently available.


One of the main advantages of using Facebook ads is that they are so easy to configure! Facebook has made creating and managing ads very user-friendly and fast, so almost anyone can start using them at any time. The reports they provide to you are also helpful in knowing which audience is watching your ads the most and how often to help you adjust and improve your runtime and budget and get the most out of your ads. Facebook.


Facebook ads are seen by millions of people around the world. If your products or services are distributed worldwide, you have the advantage of reaching a cheaper audience and most of the time much less than using paid ads with the major search engines. In addition, if your business is national or even a small local business, Facebook allows you to target very small and specific areas to display your ads and even to decide the age group to which your ads would attract the most. . There is a host of other demographics that can be customized to best suit your target audience, so you can always make sure that the right people who are most likely to search for your products or services see your ads at any time.


Using Facebook ads may not generate immediate sales, but the opportunity to personalize your business is astronomical. Getting your name as much as possible is most definitely an important part of advertising. Using Facebook ads has the advantage of showing you 1,000 times a day at no cost, unless someone clicks on it and goes to the targeted landing page to enjoy your ad or your promotion. Yes, immediate sale is always preferable. However, because your ad is shown 1,000 times, 1,000 more people will see your business name as possible. If they don't click, you don't pay, but they still got a chance to see the products, services you offer, or an ongoing sale could spark interest in a future need. In a few months, if one of your products or services is likely to cause you problems and if your advertisement is sufficiently attractive or catchy, they will remember to see you again.


Whether you are already on Facebook or planning to do so, hope you think about the incredible opportunities Facebook fan pages and their advertising can bring to your business. For immediate sales and just so that the brand can guarantee future customers, the few dollars or even less per day could be worth the potential for all this additional exposure. So go to Facebook in your space and even head to the LoneStar Badge and Sign fan page if you need examples showing how Facebook pages and ads can benefit your business.

Since the introduction of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter that have revolutionized the way people communicate on the Internet, online merchants should take advantage of this to use these applications. Here are 3 benefits of setting up and using a Facebook store app for your business. Promote Your Store Starting an online store can be easy, but promoting and reaching your target customers can be a daunting task. Or if you already have your own online store, you can also create a Facebook account for this. The main reason is to market your store and make it available when Facebook users do a search by looking for specific products or services that may let them know about your store in the search results. Now you may also want to check with your shopping cart supplier if they have the functionality to allow you to post products from your online store to your Facebook site or not. This will save you time, as your store would already have all of your product lines that you currently sell. Get to know the customers The important thing to know about how to sell on Facebook is that you have to keep it fresh and relational all the time. It's completely different compared to selling with your online store. Be interactive with your customers or friends to get to know them better. Find out what they want and get feedback on how to improve your store and products. Of course, it is very easy to tell them when a new product is launched or when you have an upcoming sale on Facebook. Your Facebook store app must also have a search function allowing customers to search the entire list of their products so that they can easily refer to them when they are in your Facebook store. Easy Selling Selling on Facebook is just one way to reach more customers. Merchants should not be distracted from keeping the focus on their online store. Make sure your Facebook store app allows your customers to make a purchase on Facebook so that the payment transaction can be completed in full. This gives them the opportunity to shop whenever they want and also gives them the opportunity to return to your online store. You can even offer your customers a small discount if they "like" your store or your products. Summary The benefits of using a Facebook store app are beneficial to all merchants. This is why merchants should make the most of it now to keep abreast of current trends. Have a good sale!

Facebook is an online interactive communication forum. More than 90 million people around the world currently use Facebook to post information, share photos, and provide key feedback through comments. When we research the reason we use Facebook, we need to explain the benefits of this huge communication community.


It can be used to save time - playing fun apps, posting inspirational quotes and beautiful images, commenting on a variety of topics, and distracting the smartest, but professional use of social media using Facebook can to be powerful. Indeed, companies that use Facebook can potentially connect and interact with a large audience.


For new businesses using Facebook for social media, the struggle is over what they can possibly "publish" for potential customers to find useful. It can be difficult at first to start using the Facebooking habit, but the commercial use of social media starts with the ability to connect and interact socially with your market. To form a relationship, whether professional or personal, you have to get to know yourself and think like you do, and even more to trust.


Once you create a list of "friends" who love and trust you, they will share this information with others.


The commercial use of social networks and the reason why using Facebook for your business can be explained by the potential to:


• Raise your profile globally

• Increase your social interaction worldwide

• generate interest in your brand worldwide

• Lift the roof!


When using Facebook, you can use your profile to highlight who you are and what you do so that you can chat with the right people. When you use Facebook to interact socially on a global scale, you can assess what is going on in the market by listening, through comments, to what your customers are posting. This allows you to predict what's going on in your market much more effectively.


The commercial use of social networks will generate interest in your brand worldwide through daily communication. If you can spend 30 minutes each day knowing your market and publishing useful information, they will know your identity and that of your brand better. Best of all, read all the reviews available so you can make serious connections.


Relationships are built on trust. The commercial use of social networks will help you develop these relationships and gain trust, allowing you to develop your business. Once you can teach something new to your market, watch your credibility soar.

Clearly, one of the big questions posed to Internet marketers is, "Are social media really the next big marketing opportunity?" In particular, many are wondering how to generate income with Facebook, in particular. In marketing circles, the Internet revolution was a bit of a boon. The Internet has offered marketers the ability to more precisely target consumers and deliver on-demand and desired content like never before. The ability to determine the content of a web page and distribute the most relevant advertising content was and remains a considerable advantage, even a reduction in costs for advertisers. Social media has taken targeting to another level. It now offers consumers the possibility of fully customizing, according to their tastes, the type of content to which they are exposed or which they wish to follow. In addition, social media contains "viral quality", which means that product information is spread as much as possible by word of mouth through posted advertisements. Enter Facebook With 500 million users and a growing number of users every day, Facebook is not only the most visited social network site, but has recently overtaken Google as the most visited site. It is literally the biggest recent phenomenon observed on the Internet. A user interface that allows for quick communication and the ability to very easily create fan pages and group pages are some of the factors that make Facebook extremely popular. Another important reason for its immense popularity is the wide variety of social applications developed and made available to the Facebook user. So how does Facebook usability affect a marketer? Traditional marketing plans have been constructed to be used on the basis of demographic data included in television, radio, print media and, more recently, websites. What Facebook offers isn't just a range of avenues and advertising options, it can also be surgical in how your audience is targeted. Advertising - The first and perhaps most obvious opportunity is advertising on Facebook. The difference, however, is that you can create your own ad in minutes and specify the details of your target group in terms of demographics. This can be integrated with demographic specificities such as gender, age, location, favorite football team, etc. ... extremely targeted! Fan Pages - Facebook allows all brands, as well as individual users, to create pages for their own business. The big brands have also created their official Facebook pages which attract a very large number of fans around the world. The fan page has a huge ability to share first-hand information about the brand and immediately get feedback from your customers.
Brand apps - Another effective method of engaging a user with your brand is to create a Facebook app, or "app," as it is called. This could be a game or a contest, in which the brand of your own business subtly appears through. What makes Facebook more exciting is the way it allows you to target your communication precisely, only to the customer segment you want to attract. It also provides analysis and information on the pages that provide good feedback and the ability to accurately measure activity and results. The options provided by Facebook can be creatively explored and used wisely to bring maximum benefits to any brand.

Facebook Marketing in 2013: An Overview of the Benefits Social media marketing can take your online business to new heights. Many companies take advantage of popular social networking sites to promote their businesses. Here is the importance of Facebook marketing to improve website ranking and generate web traffic. This marketing technique allows free marketing and advertising for your business. The only thing to keep in mind is to build an authentic profile by including interests, hobbies, likes and valuable information about your business. Never create a profile that is too business oriented, which could prevent customers from accessing your account. However, to increase the number of fans, you can link relevant business pages to your Facebook account. Facebook Marketing Services - Many Benefits Are Ensured Facebook marketing services have a big impact on your online business. It helps disseminate and instantly share details about product launches or promotional packages. The important uses are: Communication option - Facebook allows you to get in touch with people around the world. You can send messages and join an open chat session to share ideas on interesting topics. Socialize with friends - Post comments and enjoy starting to interact with new friends. Also share your posts, albums, videos and quotes to have a growing impact on viewers. Posting valuable updates and information also attracts more readers, which helps drive traffic to your website. Images and videos of events, achievements and incidents can be displayed with titles and descriptions to create a positive and sincere impression of yourself and your business. Share ideas and get advice quickly - An entrepreneur can get customer advice on market trends. Customers can also inquire for quick responses. Customers will be impressed with your problem-solving skills and personal assistance. Build awareness - Facebook marketing services allow subscribers to learn more about your products and services. Advertising options - Your business benefits from high visibility by broadcasting high-level advertising. He also supports a word of mouth campaign to showcase products or services among Facebook friends. View daily schedules and events - Business entities can post details of meetings, conferences, or events in public. Facebook's marketing services are easily accessible via mobile phones; associates can thus be connected with customers at any time, anywhere in the world. Benefits of SEO: Marketing on Facebook improves SEO results by improving website traffic, online visibility, web ranking and much more.

Facebook marketing service techniques to connect


Certain marketing techniques and strategies must be followed to make your Facebook profile unique and attractive. This will help you dominate the scene and create new prospects.


Profile creation - The Facebook profile also talks about you and your business. So try to include real information and links to maintain good relationships. Try to include images, graphics and videos to make your Facebook account more attractive and informative. Fill in your business details and personal interests to grab the attention of loyal customers. Tie up your blog posts, Twitter account, and professional website URLs to increase website traffic.


Create groups - This is an effective method of promoting blogs and posts among people of the same wavelength.


For your marketing to succeed in 2013, a professional touch is essential. Therefore, partner with a professional social media outsourcing company to benefit from successful marketing solutions. These companies can deliver quality work on time by implementing viable strategies at affordable rates.


Marketing on Facebook is important to gain exceptional exposure to businesses via the Internet.

Benefits of Facebook Marketing Facebook marketing has many features that you can take advantage of and all revolve around the fact that Facebook is currently the most popular social network in the world. It all started with the creation of accounts by teenagers, but the group now has more than 500,000,000 users and includes people of all ages and interests. Let's talk about some of the most important benefits of Facebook Marketing. The viral aspect of Facebook is a great way to send messages to your customers, colleagues and friends. You can send open messages, a private message or you can even use live chat. Many internet marketers use Facebook to network with potential customers. As you can see, it can be used simply as a means of communication. One of the main advantages of this type of marketing is the fact that users sometimes market your products to you. This happens when they share your posts or tell others about the services you offer. This viral aspect of Facebook allows a marketer to reach a much larger audience than just a website. Brand credibility One of the benefits of Facebook marketing that few people consider is the ability to build a strong brand. You can choose to share as much information as you want on a profile page. You can easily post logos and images that will help you create a brand image. The more people who know your brand, the more potential you have to attract more customers. Free advertising Facebook gives you the opportunity to advertise for free. You basically get free trade exposure. When you combine that with the viral functionality of Facebook, you reach a very large number of people. You can even choose to use paid ads. If you have the budget and the know-how, this can attract even more customers to your business. Everything is focused on the fact that it is possible to reach a considerable number of Facebook users. Announce important events With the use of Facebook marketing, you can post schedules or announce conferences and other events. You can easily create a new event and invite your friends. If they decide to attend, they can also recommend the event to friends, which will create even greater visibility for your event. To sum up, Facebook marketing has many advantages. The ones we mentioned are only the most obvious, but the bottom line is that exposure is much greater when using social media than when compared to conventional SEO-based marketing techniques. Any business that needs to reach a multitude of people should seriously consider focusing on Facebook marketing.


When it comes to generating leads for your MLM business, there is no doubt that paid advertising can generate leads faster (and in greater volume) than almost everything else. One of the most emerging forms of paid advertising is Facebook advertising.


Although many have heard of it - and are interested in the lead generation potential of their MLM - they don't understand exactly how it works, why it works and how it differs from other types of PPC advertising.


Well, let's start with the obvious question: why is Facebook advertising becoming so popular? Take a look at the numbers on Facebook. Facebook has:


* Over 500 million active users


* 50% of its active users connect to Facebook every day


* The average Facebook user has 130 Facebook friends


* People spend over 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook


If your goal is to generate leads for your MLM, do you think this is a good resource? Of course!


In terms of the PPC advertising platform, what are the advantages of using Facebook as a source of lead generation for your MLM? Advertising on Facebook has two main advantages.


Facebook advantage # 1: unlike other PPC platforms, Facebook allows you to target your audience based on many categories of elements, including their tastes and interests, age, gender, schools they attended , its location, etc. targeting options. When your goal is to generate leads for your MLM, being able to target them is a huge advantage.


For example, suppose you target people who buy movie tickets. You can do this by talking about a specific movie or discounted tickets. Remember that generating leads for your MLM is not only about generating a large number of leads, but also, ideally, generating quality, targeted leads.


Facebook advantage # 2: As you can see by the huge number of people who are not just members of Facebook, but who also join Facebook every day, Facebook is a great way to get quantity very quickly significant targeted traffic.


Despite the great benefits, one should be wary of using Facebook advertising for lead generation for your MLM.