YouTube warning: Advertising on YouTube can get very expensive very quickly. As with any form of paid traffic, be sure to start with a small budget, control the conversion level of your ads, and then gradually increase your advertising budget.

When it comes to generating leads for your MLM, the most important thing to remember about advertising on YouTube is the two most important separating components (i.e. the two things that set it apart from other PPC platforms such as Google AdWords). Perhaps the biggest difference in targeting, the ability to generate the number of leads for your MLM by targeting the likes and interests of people is perhaps the biggest difference between YouTube and other PPC platforms. Think about the quality of leads you can generate when you can ONLY target people interested in your offer. Most Important Separation Component: While the ability to target people based on their tastes and interests is a major advantage, one element of advertising on YouTube can be considered a disadvantage, but is at least a major difference compared to other PPC platforms. This is the psychology of the web searcher on YouTube (compared to other PPC platforms). Lead generation for an MLM involves attracting people who are looking for what you have to offer. When someone searches on Google or another search engine, they are actively looking for something - be it information, a solution, or something else. In other words, when they come across a PPC ad and click on it, it is because they have done everything they can to do so. On YouTube, it's rarely, if ever. Ads on YouTube "appear" on someone's page. YouTube ads are rarely, if ever, the product of someone looking for anything. In terms of maximizing lead generation for your MLM when advertising on YouTube, you should therefore make sure to test more advertisements on YouTube than on other PPC platforms.

Have you created fan pages on YouTube for your online marketing business? If you don't have a fan page on YouTube, you have to create one or miss out on the incredible benefits this online marketing strategy can bring to your business. Read on to find out what are the benefits of having a fan page on YouTube: 1. YouTube fan pages give you unlimited customer potential. YouTube is the second busiest site on the Internet, only Google being at the top of the ranking. There are over 600 million daily active users on YouTube, plus an additional 10 million users every month! With figures like these, using this incredible Internet tool with incredible customer potential to showcase your business simply makes sense. 2. The fan pages on YouTube are the new “Hip” commercial website. While YouTube is for socializing, Fanpages is the new corporate website. Thanks to the popular popularity of YouTube FanPages, any business with its own FanPage website, whether online or not, is seen to be at the forefront of marketing. Fan pages are also seen as more personal, which makes people more comfortable, which translates into more traffic and therefore more sales! 3. Fan pages on YouTube are the current form of advertising. Newspaper and yellow page advertising is practically dead. Who no longer looks at anything in the Yellow Pages? Newspaper subscriptions have been declining for years. Even television and radio advertising is paltry compared to Internet advertising. Most people (around 90%) are currently looking for what they are looking for online. Therefore, advertising your business on the Internet using a YouTube page is a very smart move. 4. YouTube fan pages are free. It deserves to be repeated -> YouTube pages are FREE! Unless, of course, you pay someone to initially set up a fan page for you. But save money and do it yourself! There are many tutorial videos on YouTube that will show you how to set up your own fan page. You can also look for a savvy internet marketing student who will create your business fan page as a class project. Or you can go to and find someone who will organize a fan page for $ 5! Exceeds the $ 100 - $ 1,000 fee to design a conventional website! Using a FanPage on YouTube for your online marketing business has many advantages. I have named only a few. The most important thing is that you see the need to take the plunge and create a fan page for your business now! With many benefits of having a fan page, it is an essential technique to include in your marketing strategy checklist that will help you achieve the online success you deserve and desire.

Have you created fan pages on YouTube for your online marketing business? Otherwise, you have to create one or you miss out on some incredible benefits that using a FanPage as one of your online marketing strategies can bring to your business. In my blog post, YouTube Fan Pages - Part 1, I listed just 4 of the many benefits of creating a fanpage for your business. Read on for 5 more benefits of using a YouTube fan page: 1. YouTube fan pages are popular. FanPage business pages are more popular than visits to a standard business website, because YouTube fan pages feel like a two-way encounter rather than the one-sided feeling of a traditional website. If your fan page is attractive and compelling, with challenging questions or surveys, photos to comment on, or problem solving tips to share, your fans will often come back to visit you. With all the traffic generated by your page, your fan page will become a popular site, appreciated by Internet users, which will increase your number of fans, which will further increase your traffic! 2. Fan pages on YouTube are fun! The primary reason people go to YouTube is to mix and connect. With a fan page, you can configure it so that an engaging landing page is the top destination for people visiting your YouTube page. Encourage your visitors by offering them a free gift (video training or useful ebook) when they click on the "Like" button to go to the next page. In this way, your visitor has become your fan, has the impression of being able to interact with you and express their opinion by clicking on the "like" button, and has also offered a free and beneficial gift from you! Now that they are your fans, you can connect with them with all the helpful marketing ideas, tips and strategies that you share on your FanPage wall. 3. A fan page on YouTube will increase traffic to your blog. If you have a classic website and / or blog for your business, your Fan Page "website" can generate more traffic to your blog, which in turn will increase the number. Just set up links in your posts from each site to another. Get active on your fan page and keep adding content to your blog or website. The pings that come and go will increase the popularity of both sites, which will contribute to your online business success. 4. Fan pages on YouTube can improve other social media marketing. Including back and forth links from a business fan page to other social networking sites, such as Youtube, Twitter and Linked-In, will add back links and traffic to your FanPage d business and your other social media sites.
5. A Fanpage is a great tool for testing your ad. With the added benefit of being able to configure an unlimited number of YouTube fan pages for your business, you can perform A / B split testing on two different landing page ads. Change the settings on your landing page so that your visitors access ad A for one week and alternate with ad B the following week. You will be able to see which of your pages generates the most traffic and fans and which pages do not work as well. So with all the benefits of having a fan page for your business, hurry to set it up and get more traffic and leads for your business. Remember to commit to the market early and later. Put people first to build lasting relationships. This is what is most important for creating a successful and sustainable business.

With a base of over 800 million members and continued growth, YouTube has become the most popular social networking site in the world. Members include people of all ages and interests. Below are some of the benefits and importance of YouTube marketing. Messaging, connecting, and building relationships You can send messages to potential customers and colleagues using YouTube. The message can be created via live chat or private messages. YouTube is used by savvy marketers to network and network with other people. Word of mouth associated with the platform is one of the main advantages of YouTube. Your services and products will be spoken by the people. Whether you are active on YouTube or not, people definitely are. Reaching a wider audience is becoming a possibility for a marketer due to the viral aspect of YouTube compared to using a simple website. Building Brand Credibility Having brand building potential is one of YouTube's most underrated benefits. You can share as much information as you want via your profile page. You can create a brand image by posting images and logos of your products. There is an incredible opportunity to spread the message of your main brand far and wide. Free advertising Having a YouTube page does not involve any cost. The only cost involved is the time required to create and manage the page on an ongoing basis. The potentially viral aspect of YouTube reaching a large number of people and its low cost of entry make it a very viable marketing tool. Paid advertising is also available. Given the huge YouTube member base and the current cost structure, it's worth trying paid advertising. Announcement of important events Announcing conferences, webinars, launching products, publishing calendars and other events are among the advantages offered by YouTube. Friends and followers can be easily invited by creating an event. Greater visibility can be created for the event with them, transmitting the recommendations to their group. Compared to using traditional SEO-based marketing techniques, the potential exposure is much greater when using social media. Marketing on YouTube should be taken seriously by internet marketers. Businesses looking to create a strong online presence and develop their brand can use social media marketing services provided by reliable outsourcing companies. Using the right marketing strategies, reliable social media marketing companies will allow you to harness the benefits of marketing your business through YouTube.

Social media is a turning point in the field of Internet marketing. Many companies and organizations, which used to work on their own websites to promote their businesses, are now turning to other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and VK. The success of the Internet marketing campaign was measured by the number of visitors, the number of forms completed and the purchases made if the site offers e-commerce services. The growing popularity of social networks has changed the trend of internet marketing and internet campaigns. In addition, YouTube is one of the main social media players, reaching a billion users worldwide. Internet search metrics such as Alexa and ComScore have told users that YouTube users spend most of their time on social activity rather than other websites. So, as a marketer, you are sure that you are reading this article, you cannot stay behind in this changing scenario. The trend of Internet use has also changed consumer habits. The interaction of customers or end users is very important and most successful campaigns in India and Pakistan are mainly aimed at interactivity at all levels. And big companies and businesses altered their marketing strategies and extended their reach to social media. The value of a platform is analyzed based on the number of interactive sessions. Or in simple terms, you can tell the time spent. When YouTube was launched, the most active companies belonged to the following categories: Movie shops Book publishers Music labels These types of companies are however today a major player in consumer marketing on YouTube. And a lot of activities are taken from this social media activity. Following the pace of products and companies, big brands such as Nestlé, Unilever and Pepsi have also started to market their social media in Pakistan. Marketers and businesses have understood the potential of YouTube's presence and marketing after a very long time, unlike neighboring countries like India, Nepal and China. However, the main companies put their efforts. Along with the big brands, many small businesses have started to make money with the increasing use of YouTube in Pakistan. Many people from Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Islamabad advertise on YouTube to sell items, laptops, tablet PCs, cell phones and other items such as shirts, watches, etc. The benefits are significant for consumer businesses, but Pakistan's major businesses and individuals only benefit from the benefits of this social media. Let me give you an example of a wellness center.

This is Shara Health Institute of Karachi uses a Skin Makeup YouTube page to keep and engage clients who are related to skin related topics. And the use of YouTube pages to increase customer interactivity. Most importantly, messaging YouTube pages has increased the potential of local businesses from a broader perspective. As a marketer, I have analyzed the benefits mentioned below that YouTube offers to B2C marketers; YouTube provides an environment to build and build the brand and its image YouTube provides interactivity for businesses and insights into consumer trends. YouTube pages are best for increasing search engine ranking.

Seriously? Advertising on YouTube for free? Well, technically, there are paid advertisements on YouTube. But luckily, yes, YouTube gives anyone the opportunity to advertise for free. And it revolutionized the world of advertising as we know it. Like any other aspect of business, every advertisement you make involves a certain amount of money. There are many online advertising sites that collect huge amounts from advertisers. Advertisers who pay a lot on these sites for their advertising may not always get the price they pay for. Social networking sites, including YouTube, are now entering the advertising scene to give small business owners the opportunity to promote their business or brand at very affordable costs. Since YouTube was launched in 2004, it has grown in size due to its attractive features for users. Advertising on YouTube at an affordable price can make a lot of money for advertisers. It is a simple but effective and proven method to promote your business and make money online through advertising. Advertising on YouTube is certainly cheaper than that of other sites and advertising methods. It's not new to us that YouTube has 500 million active users who interact around the world. And every day, more than 250,000 users join us. These are the crowds that you can exploit. With this number of potential customers, the fact that you are not using the YouTube advertising service to reach these users with extreme precision is a considerable loss. All you have to do is leverage them in social marketing innovation with your free YouTube page on your blog or business. Yes, you can advertise on YouTube for free using your YouTube page. The YouTube page is different from your default YouTube personal page which is intended for your personal page. It's a page on YouTube called the companies page where you can see the ad feeds. If you have a large business that has a big marketing budget to build a community on YouTube, it's now absolutely free. Here's how the YouTube page helps you reach the people you think will become your potential customers.
Here's how to advertise on YouTube for free: • Create your own creative page. • Choose a catchy and engaging title. • Make your announcement straight to the point. • Relevant and imaginative image attached. • Make friends to everyone on YouTube. • Provide them with a test to stay interested. • Create a contest and give rewards. • Post articles, blogs, promotions, etc. linked to your main business site. • Continue to update and publish the latest issues. If possible, do it twice a day. When your presence is always visible on the stage, they will be motivated and will take an interest in you, knowing that your product and yourself are true and trustworthy. They will never let you hang; instead, they will increase your popularity by telling others about you. By applying them, you will certainly gain great exposure to the public and, more importantly, generate more revenue. You see, free advertising on YouTube is really a useful program for the smallest users, wherever they are in the world, but that does not mean that big companies cannot profit from it as well. It just takes a little creativity and constant monitoring to make it as effective as paid advertising!

Attracting customers to your products and services and marketing them well is the most difficult task of entrepreneurs. Whether it's introducing new products, relaunching old products or improving their market value, the main concern is to educate consumers about the benefits of the product and how to help them in their lives. to encourage them to use it. Bringing customers together for new products and services is a daunting task and entrepreneurs use a variety of resources to market and promote their products in the best possible way. YouTube apps are a new and effective way to improve brand image and develop new brands. It is a platform used by various agencies and individuals to promote brands and launch new marketing and promotional campaigns with consumers. Applications are a very attractive and attractive way to generate maximum benefits and great results by offering users the opportunity to get more information while having fun. These days, marketing agencies are making full use of these YouTube apps along with a variety of techniques to promote better-performing products and services. Developing brand image is not an easy task and when it comes to bringing a new brand to the market and creating a market for it, great promotional techniques and innovative ways to 'attracting consumers are necessary. YouTube apps are not only a way to reach consumers, they amuse and entertain them at the same time and generate high quality results. These apps help entrepreneurs collect research and understand what consumers are looking for and develop such programs for the niche market. The concept of finding excellent leads to boost a brand comes from the development of YouTube applications.
With the best possible use of YouTube application development, customers get to know a brand better in a very interesting way that helps them get the word out and make them believe in the brand. YouTube applications can be fully used to seize large business opportunities and generate better advertising and social media presence. Nowadays, most brands use YouTube apps for marketing and promotional purposes and to gain exposure on the web. However, it's important to understand that users don't like to use confusing or repetitive apps. When developing applications for brand promotion, it is necessary to keep in mind the requirements to attract users. Only entertaining and interesting applications, offering quality information and new content, allow brands to make themselves known on the market. In addition, it is essential that the app communicates the benefits of the brand to help consumers. Whether it's a drug or a household item, if the app doesn't highlight its benefits and use by consumers, it won't get brand attention. Brand development requires careful planning and an understanding of the product, as knowing the product and marketing its benefits is the only thing that could help it. If you want to develop a brand image with YouTube apps, it is imperative to offer apps that focus on the purpose of the brand, the products and keep consumers interested in the benefits it offers to generate good publicity. .

Internet marketing and its importance in the online world have grown enormously in the past decade. By learning the value of keywords and optimizing search engines, marketers are becoming more and more inventive when it comes to using many different forms of advertising, marketing, increased traffic and customer loyalty. products and society. The use of YouTube in marketing is just one example of the importance of social media. Launched in 2004, YouTube is less than ten years old and has three quarters of a billion active users. It does not take much imagination to see how this considerable group of contacts could make or break the success of a product or a company. A publication's "likes" or "dislikes" can quickly propel a product name into orbit. Since mid-2011, YouTube launched a special marketing portal where advertisers can promote brands on the social media site. A few big names in British advertising participated in the initial launch of the campaign. Many companies and organizations are expected to launch more formal YouTube campaigns as they begin to recognize the value of near-instant name recognition around the world. The benefits of using YouTube-based marketing campaigns are many. The first is recognition of the site name. The ease with which a YouTube page can be created and launched, and the simplicity of adding information about a business or product makes the site attractive to new marketers. Although it is easy to use and almost anyone can participate in the publications on the site, it can also use quite complex marketing tactics. Another positive aspect is how quickly YouTube is used as a marketing tool. With a network of friends in place, an announcement about a new product, modification of an existing product, change of owner or any other relevant news can be posted and read by millions of people in a matter of moments. Users can share information about a particular benefit of the product, a favorite artist, or how to use the product in a new way. A company does not need to contact the media to get information about an important aspect of business. It's much faster to post to YouTube. Internet marketing will undoubtedly continue its rapid growth thanks to social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and YouTube. The sites allow contacts to be distributed in a way that was not possible just ten years ago. It is prudent for those involved in marketing campaigns to recognize and use the benefits of YouTube and other similar sites.

The phrase "social media" is ubiquitous these days, and if you're like me, you may not know what it really is ... the infamous phrase "I'll know when I see it" comes immediately to my attention. mind! I went online to find a short, easy-to-understand definition and found this analogy: Think of the media as a one-way street where you can read a newspaper or listen to a report on television. However, your ability to share your thoughts on the issue is very limited. Social media, on the other hand, is a two-way street that allows you to communicate and respond. As the Internet grows and evolves, different social media websites grow and evolve as well. Several years ago, MySpace was the place to be, but it is now considered to be in decline. Similarly, on MySpace, 33% of its users are 17 years old or less. Ravalry is a large, relatively new knitting community with over 1,200,000 registered users. As you would expect, its members are mainly women and their average age is not available. YouTube provides this information about its users: Over 500 million active users (I recently saw the number 600 million, but that has not changed, on the YouTube site) 50% of our active users connect to YouTube Every Day Average User Has 130 Friends People Spend Over 700 Billion Minutes Per Month On YouTube As you can see, each social media site uses a different user base than any other site. One of the strengths of using a social media website is the fact that most of them offer a level playing field between small business owners and large entrepreneurs. For example, you can create a fan page on YouTube for your offline business, just like a large automaker. On these YouTube fan pages, you and the multibillion-dollar automaker have the same tools and resources. Another example on Twitter: you and big companies are limited to 140 characters per tweet. They can't buy more characters and exclude you from the competition.
When determining which social media site to use with Social Media Marketing, you need to consider the members of the site, but you also need to assess its culture and how its members interact. It is important that any social network site has a population whose interests correspond to your objectives and that it also has a structure and an interaction model compatible with your objectives. Also, you have to keep in mind that things are changing on the Internet, sometimes at breakneck speed. For example, between March 2011 and May 2011, YouTube implemented major changes that changed the whole landscape of its use for businesses. Suddenly, controlling the content of a business fan page and using product images to create a brand became decisive factors ... for those who knew how to do it! Even if a particular social media site may be a good choice at the moment, be aware that it may not always be an effective marketing vehicle for you! Monitor the effectiveness of any social media site you use AND also keep an eye on the next big thing! Given all of this, right now, I see YouTube and Twitter as the most likely social media sites to be compatible with the majority of offline businesses and their needs. In this article, I will briefly discuss YouTube, its structure in social media marketing, discuss some pitfalls, and suggest appropriate strategies. YouTube Marketing for Small Business YouTube members have exploded and currently exceed 500 million, according to its own website. It originally started to allow students to stay in touch with other students. As a result, the basic YouTube community seems to start with an academic base, joining students and alumni with friendship circles growing from there. If you're like me, you will be surprised how many members of your high school class seem to come out of nowhere! As part of the YouTube mechanism, possible friends are suggested to you, based on the friends you and the other person have in common. While you can search, it's hard to find and make friends with someone YouTube doesn't think you should know. On the other hand, YouTube makes suggestions that will expand your network, simply based on friends you may have in common with someone. Another important mechanism is the YouTube Like option, which has now been extended beyond YouTube profile pages and YouTube fan pages and the wider web.
A third extremely important mechanism on YouTube is the ability to link websites, YouTube fan pages, and Twitter accounts. This can be done with a variety of website creation software options. For the moment, I encourage my clients to use WordPress blogging software for websites other than blogging. With WordPress as a website management system, once you've signed up for the networked YouTube (blogs) app, you can configure your website to display any changes on your YouTube fan page and your Twitter account. Your Twitter account can be set up to display comments from the YouTube fan page, as well as posts from your WordPress website. In addition, your tweets will be posted on your YouTube fan page and on your website. Now I know the previous paragraph was confusing so let me give you the abridged edition! In my example, you have three websites for your business: a fan page on YouTube, a website built with WordPress, and a Twitter account. Any publication made on one of these three sites will automatically appear on the other two sites. This is VERY powerful and is a REAL time and energy saver IF you take the time to plan your web marketing strategies with this ability in mind! With the ability to get a three to one advantage from your social networking posts, as described above, let me take it a step further in the opportunities offered to an offline business by having a fan page on YouTube. NOTE - It is important to understand that if a fan page on YouTube can be considered a potential substitute for a website, it presents long term risks which, in my opinion, are not worth the risk. Building your main business presence on a third party website takes time, effort and money to build a beautiful new home on land you don't own! You may be OK in the short term, but later you may lose your home, simply because you do not own the land. While you may decide that it is effective to start with a fan page on YouTube, you should also plan to create your own website as soon as possible! As a business owner, you should ensure that you own and control as much of your business assets as possible. With this warning, before using a social media site for your social media marketing, take the time to read the terms of service or the conditions of use of the site. Don't assume you know what is allowed and what is not. For example, you can have multiple Twitter accounts, but each account must have a different email address. Any email address can have ONLY ONE Twitter account. With YouTube, any human being is allowed to have only one account! This means that all YouTube fan pages created for all businesses will be ramifications of your primary and personal YouTube account. If for some reason you don't want a YouTube fan page linked to your personal account, you can set the Privacy setting to hide the connection. In the case of most offline businesses, this would not be a problem. However, I have a number of online businesses, some of which are open and others which I have chosen to operate behind the scenes. There is nothing doubtful, I prefer to simply keep the connection silent to prevent others from copying my business model. However, ALL of my company's YouTube fan pages are branches of my SIMPLE personal YouTube account.

Part of the evolution of YouTube culture is that in most cases it is considered appropriate to ask other members to share with their friends about your YouTube fan page, your new post. or several other YouTube interactions. It's very different from other websites and their culture. As a business owner, it is a powerful tool.

It's okay to ask others to LIKE YOUR YouTube on your fan page. In fact, this can be a big traffic generator for your YouTube fan page!

Google AdWords vs YouTube Ads

Another marketing advantage offered by YouTube is the possibility of using their Pay Per Click advertising. In the YouTube universe, these ads are called YouTube Ads - which seems obvious, but online things are not always obvious!

Last night I had a call with one of my client consultants and she mentioned that she had just received a $ 100 voucher for Google AdWords. She wanted to know if it was worth it. I said I thought using YouTube, creating a YouTube fan page for his business, and spending his limited budget on YouTube ads would be a better use of his resources, even considering his $ 100 AdWords coupon.
I explained it to him like this: Google AdWords and YouTube ads are paid per click ... each ad is displayed (this is called an impression) and you pay when a user clicks on it. Although the mechanism for calculating advertising payments is the same (PPC or Pay Per Click), the basis for an advertisement differs considerably between Google AdWords and YouTube. On the surface, the ads themselves are similar. Although they may or may not include an image, the text or content of the advertisement is short and presented as plain and simple text. Ads are displayed sideways in vertical stacks or in the body of the page content. For the most part, these advertisements are subtle and discreet. However, the criteria for displaying ads are the main differences. In Google, AdWords appears on pages generated with search results, as well as on website pages associated with the specified search term. This means that Google AdWords is displayed using a mechanism that indicates the terms used in online searches. As they develop, AdWords also appears based on the geographic location of the person doing the search. YouTube actually takes a completely different approach: YouTube advertisements are displayed in front of PEOPLE who meet the demographic requirements you have chosen. To further simplify, Google AdWords ads are displayed based on the content of the page where they appear and YouTube ads are displayed based on the interests, or even the physical location, of the person watching! As you can see, there is a radical difference between Google AdWords and YouTube Ads. This is one of the reasons why I think YouTube ads could be much more beneficial for offline businesses. It is also important to note that when creating a YouTube ad, you have the choice of sending people who click on an off-site web page or a specific YouTube fan page. Overall, I consider YouTube to be a solid option for offline businesses because you have the ability to target both demographically and geographically. Another good reason to add YouTube to your online advertising mix is ​​the potentially viral effect inherent in YouTube culture.

Many companies use fan pages on YouTube (YouTube), but many companies have not yet created a fan page on YouTube. Companies that don't use YouTube are unaware of the usefulness of a YouTube fan page. A business needs to create a fan page on YouTube for many reasons. YouTube is the undisputed leader in social media with more than 650 million monthly users. YouTube is now the 4th most visited website in the world - surpassing Google and it is the responsibility of any business to be there! After all, it's free and easy to configure. This article is for businesses interested in the benefits of creating a YouTube page for their businesses. YouTube provides several tools to maximize your presence in the social market. YouTube offers the ability to incorporate custom YouTube fan pages. With the right tools, a business can design and apply a very professional YouTube page that forces new visitors to follow their page and engage their current audience. Without a compelling design, your fan page will look like all the other fan pages and will not provide the level of engagement that will help your business. For this reason, you should be aware of all the useful apps available on YouTube. In practice, there is no limit to the personalization of your YouTube page. Since this customization exists, there are many tools available on the market that allow ordinary professionals to design a fully personalized and professional YouTube page. Without these design tools and automatic YouTube upload process, a company would spend far too much time designing pages and learning the idiosyncratic behavior of the YouTube platform. The major advantage of a fan page on YouTube is that you can better engage with your fans and create a more transparent image of the company. A fan page on YouTube can create a lot of goodwill not only among existing customers, but also with potential customers looking for the value of working with your organization. In addition, YouTube allows your fans to do the most crucial work for you: marketing your products and services. With YouTube, your customers start discussions about the value of your products. Whenever they post a comment on your wall, it can be viewed by all of their connections. This power is called "similar" marketing. Once you've created a brand on YouTube, it can become one of your primary tools for improving website traffic and sales. All you have to do is promote sales, specials, news, and whatever else you find, allowing your users to stay engaged and get to know their brand. To accelerate your presence on YouTube, small businesses need to put a lot of effort into designing these attractive pages or use the tools available to help them.

A doctor asked me the other day "Should I use my fan page on YouTube?" My question is why not you? Especially if you already have one. Believe me; there are other chiropractors who have one, maybe your competitor around the corner has one ... have you checked? If you don't mind letting someone take your potential patients, it's your choice. But seriously; why would you want to throw away a free platform to promote your chiropractic practice? It's true I said for free! A fan page on YouTube is free. I'm not talking about YouTube ads; Do not confuse "fan page" with the advertising you can do via YouTube. YouTube ads and a fan page on YouTube are two separate marketing tools. One is completely free and the other is a very affordable way to advertise, but first of all; Get a fan page created for your practice. To further complicate the problem, don't confuse a profile page with a fan page. Let me unpack for you this free chiropractic marketing phenomenon. A YouTube profile page is simply a personal page about you. You may already have one or maybe not. If you don't have a YouTube profile page set up, you don't need to create it to create a fan page, but if you already have one, you'll see later on how it will benefit your fan page. A fan page on YouTube is a page created for people to find and "like" if they want to, but more importantly, it's a great place to advertise and market your chiropractic office. Think of your profile page as a personal page about yourself. Thanks to the profile page, you connect with your family, your friends, your lost friends from college, high school and your hometown. Think of your fan page as a business page on your practice. A person can only have one profile page, but multiple fan pages. more on this later. For now, suppose you already have a profile page with just your name. From your profile page, if you type the word "pages" in your YouTube search bar and press Enter, you will be directed to a page containing many YouTube pages. In the upper right corner you will see a button saying "create a page". You will then be directed to another page where you will choose the type of page you want to create. To make it simple; If you are a chiropractor in Anytown, United States, you can click the "Local Business or Place" button. You will then be asked to choose a category. There are many to choose from; for a chiropractic office, I would say the category would be "local business". You will then need to fill in the blanks; name, address, telephone.
You will be asked to check the box corresponding to the conditions of YouTube. Once finished, you will press enter. You should now see your new fan page on YouTube. Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a YouTube fan page. From there, you can find the "edit page" link on the left side of the page, below the profile photo area. Don't worry YouTube has step by step instructions to follow. In about an hour, your page will be ready and ready to use. Use it for all it's worth too. Pack your information page with all of the information from your practice. Opening hours, directions, services and products you offer. If you have a website, you should also include this information. Then you can add the YouTube logo to your website so that visitors to your website can find you on YouTube. Remember I mentioned the benefits of your profile page. this is how. You can share your new page with all of your friends so they can start following you. In addition, you will want to let your patients know about your YouTube page so they can have fun and follow your important status updates. I also mentioned the idea of ​​more than one fan page; why would you want to have more than one? Do you offer a massage or spinal decompression in your office? Yes, I suggest that you can also have a fan page for these services. But for now, I suggest you build this page and then take a look at YouTube advertising to further expand your chiropractic marketing portfolio.